Category: Criminal Cases

  • Unlawful assembly while wearing a mask or other disguise

    Unlawful assembly while wearing a mask or other disguise is a criminal offence in Canada, under section 66(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada. Punishment for unlawful assembly 66 (1) Every one who is a member of an unlawful assembly is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction. Concealment of identity (2) Every person […]

  • RCMP applicant arrested for being too honest

    It is important that all RCMP officers display candor when completing forms and testifying. In this case, an RCMP applicant was arrested for being too honest, according to some women. Ms. Barbara George applied to join the RCMP. Part of the screening process involved a questionnaire which asked if she had “ever engaged in sexual activity […]

  • Douglas Garland trial: killed an inventor and his wife and grandson

    Prosecutors told a Calgary court that Douglas Garland killed a Calgary couple and grandson over a “petty grudge,” over a patent dispute and burned their bodies in a barrel after killing them. In her opening statement, Crown prosecutor Vicki Faulkner said Garland was angry with Alvin Liknes over a 2007 dispute relating to a patent for […]